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Periodontal Therapy

Even if your teeth and gums look healthy, you might still be at risk for a gum infection, or periodontal disease. Approximately 40% of all adults have chronic periodontal disease, and in recent years, evidence has shown exactly what a gum infection can do to your body. Unfortunately, periodontal disease is very elusive. Often, it is misdiagnosed or simply ignored. There may not be any obvious symptoms. Gums may recede, leaving teeth vulnerable to decay, abscesses, and loss – without any bleeding, tenderness, or other indications of a problem. The good news is that if you do have active gum disease, we can treat and heal your gums with a number of advanced technologies. Ultrasonic scalers allow for extra gentle scaling and root planing. Powerful topical antibiotics, such as Arrestin, kill bacteria under the gum line with microspheres that stay under the gums for up to 21 days. Oral antibiotics help clear away systemic infection. And lasers allow us to perform gum surgery with no cutting or stitching. If you suspect that you have any level of gum disease, or if it has been a while since your last cleaning, please give us a call. It could protect your teeth and your health.