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Does it seem that every time you or your child sits down in the dental chair, we find another cavity? You may have the kind of teeth that need a little more care and attention than others. Some people, for example, have deep grooves and fissures in their molars. These grooves can collect more plaque than people who have smoother teeth – and keep it there! Since the bacteria found in dental plaque causes tooth decay, the longer plaque remains on a tooth’s surface the more likely it will form a cavity.

What are Dental Sealants?

Sealants are a plastic resin that we usually paint, in a liquid form,  into the grooves and on the chewing surfaces of teeth. When the resin hardens, plaque won’t stick as well and cleaning will be a snap.

My Kids Have Sealants. Should I have Them Too?

Because kids can’t always reach well into their mouths to brush those back teeth, sealants are absolutely crucial for kids – especially those who are prone to cavities. Children should typically have sealants applied to their molars and premolars as soon as they come in, and on their permanent molars between ages 6 and 14.

But if you are one of the fortunate adults who has molars without cavities, you can definitely benefit from sealants as well! Sealants will protect adult teeth in the same way and for the same reason they protect your children’s teeth.