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Laser Dentistry

waterlaseOne of the most exciting and innovative advances in the field of dentistry is the development of laser dental techniques. Laser dentistry offers a precise way to improve the appearance and the health of your teeth and gums in a virtually painless treatment process. Laser dental techniques can reduce pain and the formation of bacteria during treatment and provide better accuracy than a tool such as a scalpel. They can also sterilize surface tissues, eliminate the need for stitches, and reduce reliance on uncomfortable shots.

Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates offers laser dentistry to perform a full range of dental treatments, from routine cleanings to more complex procedures like gum lifting and cavity treatment preparation. With laser dentistry, you can achieve necessary dental care without having to worry as much about pain and discomfort both during and after a dental procedure.

Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG

Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG offers a more accurate and virtually painless way to treat a number of dental issues. Using a high-powered laser, our dental team can precisely improve both the form and function of your teeth and gums in an advanced procedure that can be performed in patients of all ages.

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When compared to conventional dental techniques, Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG offers a number of advantages that can help patients who may have anxiety about visiting the dentist feel much more at ease. We can show you the many benefits with an informative chart comparing conventional dentistry to Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG dentistry.

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