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Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG Pain-free Laser Dental Technology

The Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG laser dentistry system from Biolase is the latest development in pain-free dental treatment. Each of our dental offices now offers this amazing breakthrough in technology, which can greatly reduce, if not eliminate any pain in basic dental procedures such as root canals and dental implants. Adding the Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG system to our already technologically advanced offices was important to us because it can address the anxiety many patients experience ahead of dental procedures. Without the fear of pain, we believe our patients will feel more comfortable pursuing the routine care that is essential to a happy, healthy smile.

What is Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG?

The Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG system allows for virtually painless dentistry, which means no shots are required. Whereas the traditional drilling procedure uses friction to treat the affected areas, the Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG system uses a water-energizing laser in combination with air and water to treat the targeted tooth, bone, or tissue. Highly concentrated beams of light are delivered to the treatment area via a handpiece guided by one of our experienced team members at Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates, helping to effectively treat a number of conditions more comfortably than traditional methods.

WaterLase is also adept at removing gum tissue, enamel, and bone without harming surrounding areas, helping you to maintain a healthy tooth structure.

What are the Benefits of Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG?

While the most amazing aspect of this treatment is the ability to treat patients without pain, the system has also been shown to be more accurate, and create less bleeding than traditional procedures that use a drill or scalpel. Other benefits of WaterLase dentistry include:

  • Reduction of damage to healthy parts of the teeth and minimizing trauma to the area
  • May result in fewer dental visits since the Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG can be used for procedures that in the past were often referred to other specialists
  • Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG is designed to be safe for use in patients of all ages

WaterLase Er,Cr:YSGG Treatment Options

Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG laser techniques can be used in a number of dental procedures, including:

  • Periodontal (Gum) disease treatment
  • Gum lifting
  • Gum Recession treatment
  • Abscess removal
  • Herpetic lesion removal
  • Biopsy
  • Crown Lengthening

Whether patients are in need of routine treatments such as crowns, or more comprehensive treatments such as dental implants or restorations, we believe Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG, along with our sedation dentistry treatments, can help patients achieve the healthy smile they have been too apprehensive to pursue.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Great Neck Dental Associates to find out more about pain-free dentistry with Waterlase Er,Cr:YSGG, contact our offices in Hicksville and Great Neck, New York. Our experienced general and cosmetic dentists look forward to your call.

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