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Your mouth is a wonderful and complex part of your body. Inside are all kinds of mysterious folds and flaps – like your frenum. Your frenum is a muscle that connects your lips, cheek, or tongue to the jawbone.

Sometimes this tissue pulls on, or grows between, your top front teeth, causing a gap or a space. If that space is closed with braces, without addressing the frenum, the gap will often reopen.

Other times the frenum can become too tight or restrictive and cause problems such as speech impediment, difficulty nursing in babies, or difficulty with denture fit and comfort. It can even affect the health of the gums, which could lead to gum disease, bone loss, tooth decay and eventually tooth loss.


Our laser frenectomy services solve any of these issues without the use of a scalpel or sutures.

What Exactly is a Frenectomy?

To correct the problems caused by constricted frenum tissue, and to keep your teeth in a stable position, we will use a laser to gently trim the muscle, removing the pressure.

A frenectomy performed with the laser takes only a few minutes to comfortably release the tension, help your gap stay closed after orthodontic treatment and allow complete freedom of movement, all with less bleeding and very little swelling.