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Benefits of LANAP Nd:YAG

If non-surgical gum disease treatment cannot treat a patient’s condition sufficiently, our periodontists typically recommend LANAP Nd:YAG (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). Through the use of advanced laser technology, LANAP Nd:YAG removes damaged tissue without affecting the surrounding areas that remain healthy. Since it is a minimally-invasive procedure, candidacy for this option is more open, as those who typically could not undergo surgery due to medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, and others) are now eligible.

Additionally, the LANAP Nd:YAG laser treatment holds the following advantages:

  • Bladeless procedure without sutures
  • Stimulates gum regeneration
  • Virtually no pain or swelling
  • Minimal gum recession
  • No bone grafting
  • Faster recovery
  • Long-lasting results

Our patients who have undergone LANAP Nd:YAG often reflect on their experience with positive feedback, saying they would recommend it to others. It is typically an overall more comfortable experience compared to traditional surgery, which tends to ease patients fears of undergoing such comprehensive care. Should patients still have anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry to calm their nerves throughout the process.

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We encourage anyone interested in learning more about the procedure to contact us today with questions, or to schedule a consultation. With the proven link between gum disease and systemic health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, we can conclude that LANAP Nd:YAG not only improves oral health, but can also reduce risks to the patient’s overall body health.