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Tooth Exposure

Your teeth – one day they just start coming in, making your smile complete and letting you eat and talk with ease. But on occasion, that doesn’t happen. Sometimes they don’t show up in your mouth the way we expect them to. They are there, growing, but never erupt from the gum!

When a tooth is caught in your gum tissue it can also keep your other teeth from erupting properly and leave a space that looks and feels unattractive. Worse, if it is not addressed, it can cause damage to the roots of neighboring teeth resulting in tooth loss and other medical and cosmetic problems.

Because we prefer to help you keep your natural teeth, and use them to fill the spaces whenever possible, Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates offer an uncovering procedure that is usually completed in tandem with braces.

The Benefits of Tooth Exposure

The primary benefit of tooth uncovering is, of course, that we use your own, natural tooth to fill the gap in your smile. This is important because your tooth roots support your gum, keep it stimulated, and also keep the rest of your teeth in a healthier position.

The Tooth Uncovering Procedure

A tooth exposure is just what it sounds like – uncovering a tooth that is impacted or covered by gum tissue. When the process – including your braces – is complete, you will be smiling a whole, comfortable smile with all your own teeth!