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OralDNA® Periodontics

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The OralDNA® tests are valuable tools in evaluating your periodontal health. They can help in the treatment of gum disease, oral cancer, and HPV. We offer three diagnostic tests, where we take samples from your saliva, which are then sent to a lab to be examined. As soon as we receive your results, we will let you know the conclusion and recommend the best course of action, should one be necessary.

OralDNA® tests include:

  • The MyPerioID® test identifies changes in your DNA that could indicate a risk of gum disease.
  • The MyPerioPath® test is for people with gum disease and identifies the specific bacteria causing the condition and the severity. This helps us determine the best treatment plan, such as a specific antibiotic.
  • Finally, the OraRisk® HPV test recognizes an HPV mouth infection, should it be present. This can indicates a higher risk of developing oral cancer.