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It’s True – Our Injections are Painless!

Do you hate injections? You are not alone. Belonephobia, or the fear of needles, afflicts more than ten percent of the population! And, unlike other phobias, fear of needles can actually make people prone to fainting, according to Martin Antony, a psychology professor at Ryerson University in Toronto and co-author of the book Overcoming Medical Phobias. Says Dr. Anthony,"The possibility of fainting is the most pronounced difference. You don't see that very often in other phobias.

We certainly don’t want to see our patients faint! In fact, we don’t want our patients to be even the tiniest bit nervous when they come to see us. That’s why we offer both sedation dentistry and the innovation of pain-free, computer controlled anesthesia injections.

Why would I want a computer to control my anesthetic injection?

A large part of what makes injections painful, is the pressure of the liquid anesthetic being forced into the gum tissues. Most injections are also delivered by hand, which can make the force inconsistent and sometimes too strong. When anesthesia is delivered by a computer-controlled, anesthesia-delivery system, the injections are slow, steady, and completely comfortable. They are so comfortable, many patients who have routinely requested sedation dentistry no longer ask for it once they experience these breakthrough injections.

How do computer controlled injections work?

To keep the flow of anesthesia consistent, a computer chip in the delivery wand helps sense the density of the tissues in your mouth. When the density is registered, the flow of anesthetic will be adjusted accordingly, dispensing just the right amount to keep you comfortable.

Does it all sound technical and maybe a little overwhelming? All you really have to know is that using a computer to control your anesthetic injections takes the sting out and puts the comfort right where you want it.

If you would like to learn more about this great technology, give us a call today!

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