Gum surgery? Lighten up with Lanap! Technology makes life easier in almost all areas of life – including dentistry. And that especially holds true when it comes to gum surgery. We have invested in the LANAP® laser to make the fight against periodontal (gum) disease easier and more comfortable than you ever imagined.


No cutting. No bleeding. No stitches.

Gum disease is the most prevalent disease of the mouth. In fact, over half of all people have some level of periodontal disease! To make things worse, treating advanced gum disease used to require suturing and stitches – and a very long recovery time of two to four weeks! Ouch! But now, with LANAP and other far less invasive gum therapies, we can treat your gum disease with no cutting,no bleeding, and  no stitches!


Zap Away Infection and Bacteria

  • Lanap non-surgical laser dentistry can disinfect the periodontal pockets, cleaning them of bacteria, quickly, easily and comfortable. Very few patients even need novocain for this procedure! The infected pockets are reduced, gums heal quickly back to the tooth the life of compromised teeth is increased, and the positive effects of the procedure last and last:  98% of LANAP® treated patients remain stable after five years!


If you have been told that you need gum surgery, ask us about non-surgical Lanap gum treatment. See you soon!