Pinhole Surgery Technique

Gum grafts! They used to leave you looking like Frankenstein’s monster! It required tissue to be removed from the roof of your mouth and applied at the gumline – with ugly, prickly stitches. Not at Great Neck and MidIsland Dental Associates! We offer the innovative option of Pinhole gum surgery. This groundbreaking technique  allows us to simply readjust the position of your existing gum tissue – with no cutting or stitching whatsoever!  

Instead or cutting, a tiny, barely visible, pinhole is made in the gum under your upper lip. Through this miniscule hole, your own tissue is loosened gently from the bone and re-draped over your areas of gum recession. Once the draping is complete, collagen strips are layed over the new tissue for support. It’s that simple!


The results are immediate and, though there might be a little bit of redness, no one could ever guess that you have just had gum surgery. You will leave our office looking great, and the pinhole will heal completely in 24 hours.


To read more about pinhole gum surgery, click here, or call us today. See you soon!