Sinus Lifts

What the heck is a sinus lift? We are asked that question all the time, so here’s an attempt to answer it as simply as possible. No, it is not a cosmetic procedure to make your nasal passages more attractive or keep them clear of, well, you know…. A sinus lift is actually the technical name for a type of bone graft, just a little bit more complicated.  

Because it involves strengthening the bone that supports your top teeth, it does involve the sinus area behind your cheeks – hence the name. Also called a sinus augmentation or a sinus graft, this procedure adds to and strengthens deteriorating bone in the area of your upper molars and premolars to stop natural bone deterioration and support a dental implant.


There is a very thin wall of bone between the empty caves of your sinuses and the roots of your teeth. In fact, sometimes your molar roots extend into your sinuses! When an implant is needed to replace a lost tooth, these thin walls may not always support it. That’s when the sinus lift, or augmentation become necessary.  We’ll explain the procedure in depth if you need it, but to find out more about bone grafts in general, click here or give us a call.