Airfloss- Is this the new game changer?

Flossing is a vital part in maintaining good oral hygiene and unfortunately it’s also the part that many of our patients forget or possibly overlook. Studies have shown and continue to prove that flossing daily can help prevent cavities as well as gum disease. In recent years Phillips Sonicare came out with Airfloss that promised consumers to be an easier and more effective alternative to traditional flossing methods. Many patients ask us which method is more superior, so we wanted to weigh in and give you some quick facts about this innovative tool. * Airfloss uses a quick burst of pressurized air in conjunction with droplets of water to clean between teeth.

* It’s easy to use and is rechargeable. You can use it up to 2 weeks between charging.

* Airfloss only reaches the areas between the teeth, where traditional flossing methods allows you to clean between the teeth as well as between the gums.

* You can also add mouthwash to the Airfloss to kill any bacteria.


At Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates our doctor’s and hygienists almost always recommend traditional flossing methods because unlike Airfloss, it allows you to clean the small crevices between your teeth. However, if you are someone who has braces or have an injury or disability such as arthritis the Airfloss is an excellent alternative. If you have questions about flossing techniques or how to maintain your oral hygiene you can always contact our office.