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root canal“I’d rather have a root canal than be stuck in traffic.” “Liver for breakfast? I’d rather have a root canal!” “Wow. That board meeting was just about as fun as a root canal.” We have heard all the jokes, and we don’t like them! Not because we don’t have a sense of humor –  you all know we can take a joke – but because they are so wrong!

The truth is, in spite of its bad reputation, a root canal could be your tooth’s best friend. That’s right!

If your tooth is badly damaged, decayed, or infected, a root canal could let you keep that tooth instead of having it pulled.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

The most common reason for a root canal is a tooth infection. Untreated, dental infections can worsen and spread into the bone at the end of the root. This infection is called an abscess, and can lead to severe health issues like skin infections such as cellulitis, infection in the jawbone, brain abscess, and pneumonia from the spread of the infection throughout the body.

Yea. We aren’t trying to scare you, but this stuff is pretty serious.

If you have any of the following symptoms, don’t delay, call us right away:

  • Continuous toothache
  • Jaw pain
  • Bad breath
  • Pain when chewing
  • Swollen glands
  • Swelling in the jaw
  • Fever

We start by offering sedation dentistry to anyone who is at all nervous or has trouble getting numb, and proceed with all the pampering extras patients have come to expect from our office.

What is a Root Canal?

Patients often ask why the procedure is called a root canal. While the name is intimidating, it is actually pretty simple and descriptive.

Inside your tooth is a network of blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves. This is all contained in what is commonly known as the pulp. This pulp is under the hard surface of your tooth and extends all the way into your tooth’s roots – in other words, the root canal.  When there is infection in this canal it causes severe pain, so maybe that’s where the bad reputation comes from: Infection in the root canal, not the root canal procedure!

To end the pain, save your tooth, and keep you healthy, we remove the dental pulp, along with any debris and infection, and seal your tooth with a porcelain dental crown. Our patients are absolutely amazed at the relief they find.

Now, stop making root canal jokes. If you get a toothache, you are going to thank us for this information. Want more? Give us a call. We are always happy to educate and inform.

root canal diagram

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