Some things just shouldn’t be crooked… and that includes your smile!

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Sept4FlossGetting a straight smile might seem like a luxury. Honestly, who has the time or energy to spend time in braces?  It is something most people, especially adults just don’t want to deal with. The problem is, crooked, crowded, or poorly balanced teeth can affect much more than your smile – they can also affect your overall health and wellbeing. Crowded teeth are harder to clean, and flossing can be a real challenge. All those dirty nooks and crannies can lead to severe oral health issues.

In fact, crooked teeth can:

  • decay more easily because of hard to reach plaque build-up
  • cause chewing, speaking and breathing issues
  • contribute to gum disease
  • advance deterioration of the jawbone
  • lead to headaches and other TMJ disorder problems

And that is nothing to make light of! Straightening your smile is clearly more than cosmetic, it’s good for your health too. That makes the idea of straightening your smile just a little bit more compelling, doesn’t it?

We thought so.

Because orthodontic issues are linked to your health, we recommend that kids have an evaluation for braces early, before their jaws stop growing for maximum orthodontic effectiveness. We offer both traditional orthodontics and less visible options to help adults find their healthiest smile, such as:

  • Invisalign
  • 3M Incognito Braces
  • Radiance Clear Braces
  • Ceramic Braces

As a bonus, your smile gets to look terrific too!

For more information about our orthodontic solutions for both children and adults, please give us a call today. We’d love to help your find your perfect smile!

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