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A smile can do more for you than simply express emotion. There are also a multitude of health benefits associated with the act of smiling. All of us at our Long Island dental offices want to share the top benefits behind turning your frown upside down, showing off your pearly whites, and grinning from ear to ear.

  • Build a Super-Strong Immune System. Smiling is so powerful, it can actually protect your body from dangerous bacteria and germs. Smiling actually makes our bodies produce more white blood cells, this means a stronger immune system and a tougher defense against illness.
  • Feel Happy. When we smile, our brains release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that allow us to experience the feeling of happiness. They can be triggered by intense workouts, running (what’s known as a runner’s high), and smiling.
  • Squash Stress. Those powerful endorphins do even more than make us feel happy. They also help ease stress and lower anxiety. When stressed, our bodies produce more cortisol. It’s this pesky hormone that makes feel unpleasant. Endorphins lower the amount of cortisol which removes the unpleasant feelings and replaces them with feelings of happiness.
  • Spread the Feeling. Smiling is contagious. Research proves that just seeing another person smile triggers the spot in your brain that controls facial movement. The result? A smile. So by simply shooting a smile at someone else, you can share the benefits.

If you’re feeling a bit down, try smiling more. It really can help. Need a few motivators? Here are some smiling-inducing tricks:

  • Fake a Smile, Still Feel Happy. Believe it or not, our brains can’t tell the difference between a real smile and a forced one. So even if you make yourself grin, your brain still releases endorphins and you still get all the benefits.
  • Call Some Friends. Sometimes all it takes to increase the number of smiles in a day is to hang out with people who make you happy and may even cause a chuckle or two. Spend some time around those people and start smiling more.
  • Chuckle with a Comedy. Not feeling up for a night out with friends? Curl up on the couch, pop in a comedy movie or show, and laugh and smile until your belly hurts.

Not smiling often or hiding it behind closed lips? It may be because you’re embarrassed by your teeth. Don’t let yourself miss out on the benefits of smiling. We can help get you a confident smile with our cosmetic dentistry options. No matter your smile goals, we’ll work with you so you can get back to smiling. Call one of our Long Island dental offices and schedule an appointment today.

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