Immediate Dental Implants: The Fastest Way to Get a Perfect Smile

Immediate Dental Implants: The Fastest Way to Get a Perfect Smile

Dec 01, 2020

With modern technology, anything is possible. We have moved from the era where the only solution for damaged teeth was to get the teeth extracted. Now, we have a plethora of options when it comes to restorative dentistry. One of these restorative options is a dental implant in Great Neck, NY.

Dental implants took the world by storm back in the sixties, and ever since, countless smiles have been restored. However, as times change, so does technology. With the advanced technology we have today, we can now provide immediate dental implant placement.

Why wait for several months to get that perfect smile? Now you can come to our office for immediate dental implants and leave the same day with a brand-new smile. Curious as to how? Let’s see how these implants are placed.

Understanding Immediate Dental Implants

In a nutshell, a dental implant is regarded as a root replacement. It mimics the size and function of a typical tooth root. The implant is placed in your jawbone. It then bonds with the jawbone and becomes a part of it. This is what sets implants apart from other dental restoration options. Dental implants offer stability, comfort, and durability.

A dental implant has three unique components: the implant (titanium post), the abutment (the part that connects the implant to the crown), and the dental prosthesis.

However, immediate dental implants are unique. They are placed immediately as opposed to traditional implants, which take several months before you can get your new smile.

With traditional dental implants near you, you need to wait for the socket to heal first. Then after inserting the implant, you need to wait for osseointegration to happen. After osseointegration (the process of titanium fusing to your jawbone) has taken place, you can finally get fitted with a crown or bridge.

However, with immediate dental implants, the implants are placed the same day, and you are able to go home afterward. Osseointegration occurs after the procedure is complete.

Are You Eligible for Immediate Dental Implants?

If you are considering going down this road, it is best to book an appointment with our dentist. This will allow our dentist to determine what will work best for your specific situation. Some factors may cause delayed implant placement, such as:

    • Bone Depth

Typically, implants cannot be less than 10 millimeters in length. Therefore, if you don’t have enough bone for the implant to fuse to, then the procedure is not ideal for you.

    • Bone Quality

Implants need dense and healthy bone for the procedure to be successful. Therefore, an infected or thin bone will not hold the implant in place.

    • Force on the Tooth

The tooth’s location and characteristic in relation to your natural bite is another factor that we consider before you get immediate dental implants. This is because the implant should not have to withstand excessive force when your bone has not yet healed.

How Are They Fixed?

By now, you must be wondering how a five-month procedure can be completed within hours. Here is the procedure:

    • Consultation

During your consultation, our dentist will check your medical history and examine your oral cavity to ascertain whether you are the right candidate for this procedure.

X-rays will be taken so that our dentist can have a better look at your jawbone.

    • Treatment Plan

After our dentist has confirmed your eligibility, a treatment plan will be created. Any other extra procedure that will be necessary will be included in the plan.

    • Surgery

For the procedure to be pain-free and comfortable, our dentist will administer anesthesia so that every part of the procedure is painless. When the procedure is complete, our dentist will place a temporary crown while your permanent crowns are being fashioned. When the crowns are ready, they will be fixed.

    • Recovery

Even though the process will be completed on the same day, it doesn’t mean that you can skip the healing process. Osseointegration will still need to take place for the implant to be stable. Therefore, you will need to stick to soft foods after surgery. You will still need to come in for dental visits so that our dentist can check on your progress.

Immediate dental implants are an excellent tooth-replacement option. Our dentist at Great Neck Dental Associates can create the perfect treatment plan for you.

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