Welcome to Kid Island Dental

Welcome to Healthy, Happy Smiles!

Giggles or grins. Chortles or chuckles. Howls or tee-hees – however they sound, however they look, kids love to laugh. It’s good for them and for everyone around them! Most importantly, smiling is fun. Shouldn’t introducing them to the dentist be fun, too?

Here at Kid Island Dental we certainly think so – and it shows! Little ones love coming to see us. They love our nurturing and kid-friendly atmosphere, our warm and patient staff, and the gentle way we treat them – at every single visit!

Our walls are brightly painted with murals reflecting iconic Manhattan attractions and landmarks. In addition to the unique murals, every room is equipped with a television to keep our young patients entertained.

We also like to keep caregivers and parents comfortable, relaxed, and involved in their child’s care. We offer family-friendly hours, two convenient locations, and we will never restrain your child. If you have any questions or concerns, just let us know. We are here to help!

A Focus on Prevention

Since those adorable baby teeth – otherwise known as the primary teeth – form the basis for adult teeth, we do everything possible to preserve the integrity of your child’s dentition while fostering a healthy, happy, relaxed attitude about dental care.

Prevention is our primary focus here at Kid Island Dental. It not only helps kids keep their teeth healthy and strong for life, it makes coming to the dentist more pleasant too. When we work together to stop problems before they start, there is less drilling, less filling, and far less need for Novocain shots!

We recommend regular periodic exams and cleanings. We also suggest thorough home care, which includes limited sweets, brushing at least two times a day and after meals, and flossing at least once a day, preferably before bedtime. Sometimes we also recommend supplemental fluoride pills, rinses or gels as part of your child’s home hygiene program. Most of all, we know that when children enjoy their dental care, they are much more likely to continue their oral health care into adulthood.

A Range of Services for Every Smile and Every Need

We offer a full range of dental services for all children and adolescents, including restorative, preventive dental care and early orthodontics. We are wheelchair accessible and when the need arises for sedation dentistry, we have board-certified anesthesiologists (MDs) on staff.