INTRODUCING: The NEW V.I.P. Savings Plan

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Don't have dental insurance through your employer? Are you self-employed or just can't afford to pay high premiums for sub-par dental insurance? By enrolling in Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates' V.I.P. Savings Plan you can save hundreds on dental work. We give you the estimates right away and discuss all charges with you upfront. With this plan you can ensure everyone in your family is smiling with high quality dental care!


Pay the premium and start getting discounts!


This is NOT dental insurance and will only be honored at Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates.

♦ This plan CANNOT be used in conjunction with any type of insurance coverage, other discounts, specials or third party financing plans.

♦ Fees for anesthesiologist are not included.

♦ Premiums must be paid in full with cash, check or credit card ONLY.

♦ You can choose our automatic renewal feature and save 5% on your premiums.

♦ You are free to cancel the plan at any time, but there are NO REFUNDS of any kind.

♦ You are expected to pay your full portion for treatment AT THE TIME OF SERVICE.

♦ This plan is NON-TRANSFERABLE.



This plan includes:

♦ 2 cleanings per year

♦ 2 periodic exams per year

♦ 1 problem focused exam per year

♦ 4 bitewing x-ray films per year

♦ 3 periapical x-ray films per year

♦ 1 full mouth x-ray once every 3-5 years (as determined by need)

♦ 2 fluoride treatments per year (up to age 16; over 16 20% off)


Sealants 20%

Fillings 20%

Periodontics 20%

Additional. Cleanings 20%

Whitening 20%

Night Guards 20%

Veneers 15%

Oral Surgery 15%

Root Canals 15%

Crown & Bridge Services 15%

Partials/ Dentures 15%

Implant Services 15%

Traditional Braces 10%

Invisalign 10%

Products 10%


Single                    $499

Dual                       $950

Family (3)*           $1400

Family (4)*           $1850

Each additional* $450

*Parent/Child or Spouses Only

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