Long Island Dentist Provides Solutions For Young Patient Missing Her Front Teeth

Dr. Eric Weiner at Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates worked with one young patient over the course of ten years to create a temporary solution for her missing front teeth while she waited to be eligible for permanent dental implants.

Great Neck, NY – Dr. Eric Weiner, a general and cosmetic dentist in Long Island, took special interest in both removable prosthodontics (the fabrication of dentures) and pediatric dentistry while attending New York University College of Dentistry. Both of these areas of expertise were vital assets while working on one special case at Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates.

Stephanie was only 13 years old when she became Dr. Weiner’s patient. Born without her two front teeth (congenitally missing lateral incisors), she suffered from constant embarrassment and low self-esteem. Due to her young age, she was not yet eligible for dental implants and had to wait until she was at least 18 to be evaluated for candidacy.

Over the course of ten years, the Long Island cosmetic dentist helped her rejuvenate her smile and regain self-esteem. While waiting for her to turn 18, he created a temporary solution for Stephanie using what’s known as a Maryland Bridge. This bridge took the place of her missing front teeth without negatively impacting her natural teeth. Using the Maryland Bridge, she was able to go through her teenage years more confidently.

At the age of 19, Stephanie returned to Dr. Weiner’s office to see if she was eligible for dental implants. A CT Scan was performed and Dr. Weiner discovered that the roots of her teeth were perpendicular rather than parallel. As a result, Stephanie underwent orthodontic treatment to adjust the roots of her teeth.

Because she had been missing her two front teeth since birth, Stephanie had also lost a lot of bone in that area. To thicken the bone on her jaw line, Dr. Weiner brought in Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates’ Dr. Sam Morhaim, a periodontist, to assist with the case. Once Dr. Morhaim performed a ridge augmentation and placed dental implants, Dr. Weiner was finally able to give Stephanie a permanent implant crown to solve the problem she had been struggling with for ten years. Dr. Weiner highlights that, although Stephanie’s case took a long time to complete and required patience on her part, the process was worth the wait and Stephanie is very happy with her final results.

About Eric Weiner, DDS

Dr. Eric Weiner earned his dental degree from NYU College of Dentistry, where he also attained certificates of excellence in removable prosthodontics and pediatric dentistry. In 2009, Dr. Weiner achieved diplomate status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology. After managing a private practice in Fresh Meadows, Queens for sixteen years, he joined Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates as a partner.

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