New York Dentists Eliminate Patient Anxiety

Sedation dentistry calms nerves of anxious dental patients at Great Neck dental practice.

Great Neck, NY – Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates, a multi-specialty group of New York dentistsand medical professionals, strives to provide patients with state-of-the-art technology to make a visit to the dentist as easy – and painless – as possible. The practice upholds their mission of “blending the art and science of dentistry to meet the unique dental health needs of patients” by catering to patients who feel nervous having their teeth examined and treated. According to the dentists at Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates, the advent of sedation dentistry has altered the way patients perceive dental visits.

In response to high patient anxiety regarding dental visits, Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates have fully incorporated sedation dentistry into a wide spectrum of procedures. The dentists offer patients two sedation options before initiating the process:

1. Administer an oral sedative pill such as Valium to help calm patients, which is then followed by nitrous oxide. The patient will be conscious but will not have much recollection of procedure.
2. Administer IV sedation so that patients with extreme fear can virtually sleep while treatment is being performed. The practice’s anesthesiologist Dr. Gordon Barnes monitors patients while work is being done.

Dr. Eric Weiner of Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates says one of the major benefits of having Dr. Gordon Barnes, a board-certified anesthesiologist, is that anesthesiology and the dentistry are performed by different doctors, allowing each to focus their full attention on their individual tasks. Dr. Weiner confirms that sedation dentistry is completely safe and is an ideal solution for patients who are normally too afraid to get the long overdue treatment they need. At their general and cosmetic dentistry practice, sedation dentistry is very common and performed several times a week, with most patients waking up and walking around within a half hour.

Drs. Weiner and Tyrangel would like to raise awareness about sedation dentistry so that patients who feel anxiety about dental visits know there are options available to make the experience a painless one. For patients who feel that they cannot go to the dentist out of fear, the dentists say sedation technology is the solution because most dental work can often be completed in just one visit. According to Dr. Weiner, many people in the population who would otherwise avoid dental work altogether benefit from the ease and comfort sedation dentistry provides.

About Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates
Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates has been serving patients’ dental needs for over thirty years. The practice focuses on all areas of dentistry, including periodontal care, endodontic treatment, pediatric dental care, and dental care for elderly patients. The practice also offers a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures including dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and orthodontics. Their team consists of top dentists in every area, including general, cosmetic, reconstructive and sedation dentistry.

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