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Our Great Neck, NY periodontist performs gum grafting at Great Neck Dental Associates to correct receding gums. Root exposure results when gums recede because the soft tissue no longer covers and protects the underlying structure. For that reason, we offer gum graft surgery in Great Neck, NY, to control recession, prevent tooth decay and bone loss.

Periodontal disease can lead to gum recession. But it can also be caused by aggressive teeth brushing, hormones, smoking, and other causes. If your gums have not yet receded, or if the problem is in the early stage, one way to stop the progression is to practice good oral hygiene habits.

Gum Grafting in Great Neck, NY

If your Great Neck, NY dentist or periodontist at Great Neck Dental Associates recommends gum grafting, the purpose is to repair gum recession. This procedure is performed often at Great Neck Dental Associates. It requires your dentist in Great Neck, NY to remove a portion of soft tissue from the palate and use it to cover the exposed root. Depending on your unique needs and what approach your Great Neck, NY dentist thinks is best to achieve the desired outcome, gum grafting may be performed on a single tooth or several teeth.

We use several different types of gum grafting at Great Neck Dental Associates. Typically, our Great Neck, NY dentist will use connective-tissue grafting. This type of gum graft involves tissue from underneath the skin on the top of your mouth. At Great Neck Dental Associates, we also use free gingival and pedicle grafts. Free gingival grafting uses palate skin tissue, instead of tissue from beneath the skin like with connective-tissue grafts. A pedicle graft uses some of the existing tissue around the affected tooth and can only be performed if enough tissue is available.

Gum Grafts at Great Neck Dental Associates

In addition to using your own body tissues, our dentist or periodontist in Great Neck, NY may elect to use an outside tissue bank. Another option is to use proteins to naturally encourage your mouth to regenerate the soft tissue. Your periodontist in Great Neck, NY will determine which type of gum graft will work best for you. Give us a call today!

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