Non-Surgical Periodontics in Great Neck, NY

One of the most common causes of gum disease is poor oral hygiene that results in plaque formation. If you miss your exam and cleaning, the plaque hardens to form tartar, which cannot be removed with brushing; it can only be removed with professional cleaning.

Scheduling regular exams twice a year can go a long way in reducing the risks of periodontal disease. Great Neck Dental Associates are pleased to offer premium dental care to all patients in the area. Please feel free to contact our dentist near you for any concerns regarding tooth decay or gum disease.

What Are the Signs of Gum Disease?

You may not notice the signs of gum disease as the symptoms are very mild in the early stages. This stage is known as gingivitis, and it may be possible to reverse with improved oral hygiene and deep cleaning of gum pockets. As periodontal disease progresses, it could show up as redness, tenderness, or bleeding in the gums.

Other symptoms could include persistent bad breath that doesn’t disappear with brushing as well as gums that are receding away from the tooth roots. At this stage, the patient may experience extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

Non-surgical therapy can be used to treat periodontal disease in the mild to moderate stages. If you experience any discomfort or soreness, our dentist will recommend non-surgical treatment for your needs. For more advanced gum disease, surgical intervention may be necessary.

Non-Surgical Periodontics in Great Neck, NY

Scaling and root planing at Great Neck Dental Associates involves cleaning of gum pockets. Other non-surgical remedies for gum disease include:

Anti-bacterial mouthwash: Our Periodontist near you in Great Neck, NY may prescribe antibiotic mouth rinses to eliminate bacteria.

Antiseptic chip and antibiotic gels: Small pieces of gelatin filled with antiseptic may be used to reduce the sizes of gum pockets.

Antibiotic microspheres: After scaling and root planing, the periodontist may place antibiotic microspheres inside the gum pockets to eliminate bacteria.

Great Neck Dental Associates may also recommend oral antibiotics to address the acute bacterial infection in the gums. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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