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Is your dentist suggesting that you get a tooth pulled out? Tooth extraction at Great Neck Dental Associates may be recommended for a number of reasons. The tooth may have become decayed or infected, or you may be suffering an infected wisdom tooth.

In certain cases, an extraction may be necessary to treat overcrowded teeth or make space for prosthetics or braces. Although a general dentist often performs standard extractions, a dental surgeon performs more complicated extractions such as for third molars or wisdom teeth.

Contact a dentist near you for safe tooth extractions in Great Neck, NY.

Why Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Extractions may be necessary for several reasons. These could include:

  • Dental cavities and gum disease
  • Infections
  • Trauma or injury to the surrounding bone or to the tooth
  • If baby teeth have not fallen out at the proper age and are preventing adult teeth from growing
  • Complications of the wisdom teeth: These are the last teeth to erupt and the most common to get impacted as they may not erupt fully

Extractions near you may be simple or surgical, depending on the size, location, shape, and position in the dental arch. Molars and wisdom teeth, for example, are harder to extract compared to other teeth. A surgical extraction usually involves the removal of the gum tissue or bone or both in some cases.

How to Prepare for an Extraction

Our dentists will first ask you questions about any medications that you take or any pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes. At times, depending on the case, the patient may be asked to stop or start taking certain medications in the days leading up to the surgery.

Our dentists in Great Neck, NY may suggest that you stop taking blood thinners a day or two before surgery as they are known to cause excessive bleeding. A dental surgeon may control bleeding at the site of extraction by using soluble gauze, blood clotting medications, or foam.

Our team may also stitch the extraction site to control bleeding. You can trust Great Neck Dental Associates to perform safe tooth extractions with minimal discomfort. Give us a call today!

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