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As a parent of a special needs child, you’re likely already familiar with the frustrations associated with dental visits. As a consequence, you may feel reluctant to schedule that much-needed dental appointment for your child. It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Great Neck Dental Associates, we take pride in providing exceptional dental care for all patients, including those with special needs. Our Board Certified Pediatric Dentist in Great Neck, NY, has extensive experience providing care for exceptional children and takes time to ensure your child feels comfortable at all times, regardless of their physical or mental limitations.

If you’re actively searching for a dental practice that offers special needs dentistry for children in Great Neck, NY, Great Neck Dental Associate is the dental office to call.

What to Expect

Our team has undergone extensive additional training to complement our pediatric dentistry expertise. We cater to exceptional patients of all backgrounds, including those with autism, Down’s syndrome, spinal cord injuries, and behavioral issues. As a caregiver or parent, you can look forward to a memorable experience for you and your child.
We use different, effective approaches to help your special needs child relax in the dentist’s chair. As soon as you walk into our premises, you’ll be greeted by our friendly dental staff, who will ease you into the treatment process.

If the dentist finds it appropriate and necessary, your child may require sedation to help them stay calm throughout treatment. We also utilize positive reinforcement, non-verbal communication, and distraction to make the treatment process smoother for everyone involved.

Our Board Certified Pediatric Dentist in Great Neck, NY, leads with unrivaled compassion and understanding when caring for special needs patients.

Calm, Compassionate, and Outstanding Care

One bad experience at the dentist’s office is usually enough to keep a special needs child away from the dental care they require to enjoy continued oral well-being. Unfortunately, the longer your child stays without seeing a dentist, the higher their risk of developing issues that need extensive restorative work.

When you choose Great Neck Dental Associates, you don’t have to worry about bad experiences. We guarantee exceptional care every time, regardless of your child’s unique needs. We take time to establish trust and build credibility with your child before diving into the details of the treatment procedure.

Whether they require basic dental care such as teeth cleanings or more complex procedures, your child will feel right at home with us.

Are you looking for a trusted dental office that offers special needs pediatric dentistry in Great Neck, NY? Reach out to Great Neck Dental Associates today to speak to our friendly dental team.

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