Great Neck’s Leading Dentist is Open on Saturdays

Not everyone enjoys going to the dentist, but it’s something that you can’t avoid. People who have emergency issues with their teeth or gums sometimes find themselves in need of a dentist on the weekend. While every dentist is open during the week, it is rare to find a dental office open Saturday.

We understand that our patients have a lot of important demands on their time. They have jobs that they have to go to every day; they have youth sporting events to attend, prior commitments to school or home, and commuting back and forth to work every day. With these demands on your time, it can be hard for patients to get to the dentist during the week. That’s where we come in.

Great Neck Dental Associates offers dental services all week long, including Saturdays. When you need a dentist near me that’s open Saturday; you don’t have to look anywhere else; we can cover your dental needs week in and week out. Whether it’s the middle of the week or the end of the week, we are here to give you the dental care you need without the stress of having to fit the visit into your hectic weekday schedule.

Services Available on Saturdays

We are a dentist open Saturday offering dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, fillings, cancer screening and exams, and annual cleanings to prevent future issues. We also do cosmetic dentistry on Saturdays and are always here for teeth whitening needs. Whether you need veneers or a complete smile makeover, we offer all forms of cosmetic dentistry. We also provide our patients with Invisalign® consultations and set them up with the proper program to align their teeth adequately, so they have the smile they want.

We are a family dentist specializing in compassionate care for children. Whether they need their yearly exam and cleaning, orthodontics, tooth extraction, sedation dentistry, or habit control for thumb sucking or teeth grinding, we have you covered. We are well-trained to meet the demands pediatric dentistry places on families. We are the area’s best-trained staff for special needs patients, including children with autism or other developmental requirements. We are always available to answer any questions about your child’s specific needs or requirements.

We Are Here for You When You Need Us Most

Our in-house specialists are available to care for your dental needs any day of the week. In addition to our compassionate team of assistants, hygienists, and other staff, our team of general dentists, prosthodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, and on-call specialists is available to help diagnose and treat any dental issue you may have. We are proud to continue offering the region’s most comprehensive dental services from the Great Neck area’s best-trained area specialists.

How To Set Up an Appointment

We can meet your family’s needs if you need emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, a general dental visit, an exam, or a consultation with a specialist. Our caring and friendly team is available by phone or our appointment scheduling contact through our website at the top of the page. If you are looking for a Saturday dentist in Great Neck, NY, contact us to set up an appointment. We accept new patients and offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs.

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