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It’s never too late to get your teeth straightened. At Great Neck Dental Associates in Great Neck, NY, we’ve provided many of our adult patients with orthodontic options. We’ll need to examine your teeth and recommend the best plan for orthodontic intervention.

Getting adult orthodontics in Great Neck, NY, can give you a better smile and achieve incredible results. The important thing is to find an Orthodontist near you in Great Neck, NY who’s familiar with the latest in the world of orthodontics. At Great Neck Dental Associates, we’ve helped countless patients get the smiles they want and healthier teeth.

The Importance of Teeth Straightening

Crooked or overcrowded teeth can lead to several problems. Patients usually complain of the way their smile looks but there are other associated issues too. When teeth aren’t properly aligned, food can get stuck between them and lead to dental decay and cavities.

Additionally, if a tooth is causing too much pressure, it can damage the tooth next to it. Straightening teeth is easier in children because their bones are softer and more malleable. Nonetheless, it’s never too late to look for a orthodontist in Thomaston, Great Neck, NY for adults.

Adult Orthodontics

For a very long time, braces were the most popular and reliable tools for teeth straightening. They work by gradually shifting teeth and straightening them. Braces, however, have multiple undesirable effects. Because they’re made of metal and wires, they’re very noticeable.

Their metal components can hurt the inside of the mouth and lead to bleeding. Many patients don’t like not being able to remove their braces to eat or brush their teeth. Invisalign clear aligners can now be used as an alternative to braces for teeth straightening.

Invisalign aligners are transparent, smooth, and removable. They’re as effective as braces at straightening teeth but avoid almost all of their side effects. If you want to discuss your options for adult orthodontics or have any questions, give us a call or visit our office.

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