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Even if you haven’t yet considered the importance of locating a dentist for appliance therapy near you before now, we invite you to keep reading to learn how our team of multi-specialty dentists in Great Neck, NY can provide appliance therapy to treat snoring, bruxism, TMJ/TMD, prevention against sports injuries, and more! Following is some additional information about each type of appliance therapy that our dentists near you can provide.

Snore Guards and Night Guards

Snoring and the grinding of teeth are two of the top complaints that our dentists can treat with appliance therapy in the form of a snore guard or a night guard. When you visit our office for your examination for either of these conditions, we’ll provide you with a customized treatment plan using either the snore guard or night guard that will best treat your symptoms.

Sports Guards Are Important Too

As one of the most common types of appliance therapies, a customized sports guard near you from our dental care team will provide increased benefits over store-bought sports guards. Another advantage of selecting our dentists for your sports guards is the convenience of having two locations near you in the event a replacement is ever needed. When you factor in the convenience of our extended office hours, we’ll be here when you need us!

TMJ/TMD Treatment for Joint Discomfort

Temporomandibular joint disorders such as TMJ and TMD can make basic daily activities like eating, sleeping, and speaking unbearable, but our team of dentists has expertise in these treatment areas, so your temporomandibular joint can be restored to a functional state, usually through the use of appliance therapy.

Our Dentists Are Top-Tier Specialists

Our dentists are not only specialists, but they continue their education to stay on top of industry advancements in the area of appliance therapy for the treatment of snoring, teeth grinding, bruxism, injury prevention, TMJ/TMD, and more! It’s that commitment to excellence that has made us top-rated offices for gentle, friendly, and complete dental care.

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