Computer Guided Surgery in Great Neck, NY

As dental technology continues to advance, complicated procedures like dental implant surgery have become much more precise. With the goal of always providing patients with the best surgical care possible, our oral surgeon and periodontists are proud to offer computer guided surgery. This advanced technology is utilized during dental implant surgery for patients with more complex needs. Through the state-of-the-art system, our team is able to more accurately place implants, as well as keep patients informed throughout the process.

The Computerized Treatment Plan

Our implant specialists will begin planning the placement of your dental implants by taking a CT (Computerized Tomography) scan of your mouth with a scan prosthesis in place, which mimics the future implant. With this information, a 3D visual will help you understand what needs to be done in the procedure.

The scan details are then sent to 3D Diagnostix (3DDX), where a simulation of the implant in the jaw is created and sent back for the doctor to alter if necessary. A surgical guide is then fabricated to be used during the placement procedure. To assist with patient education, a 3D model of the patient’s jaw is also created at this time. The fully customized surgical guide simplifies the procedure, helping your doctor achieve optimal precision.

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