Sedation Dentistry for Kids in Great Neck, NY

Dental anxiety afflicts patients of all ages, and that includes toddlers, adolescents, and teens. The good news is that thanks to sedation dentistry, even the most anxious of patients can receive the dental care they need to safeguard their oral well-being.
At Great Neck Dental Associates, we offer safe and non-invasive sedation dentistry in Great Neck, NY. We want to see our patients with healthy, confident smiles, which can only be achieved through concerted dental care efforts.

Does Your Child Require Sedation?

We evaluate every child on an individual basis to determine their needs for sedation. If your child struggles with dental anxiety, has special needs or is generally uncooperative during their dental visits, our pediatric dentist in Great Neck, NY, may recommend sedation.

Sedation dentistry for kids helps alleviate discomfort and make the treatment experience smooth for both the patient and the dentist. Sedation also enables children with special needs and behavioral disorders to receive the dental care they require without much fuss.

If you’re considering sedation, our children’s dentist will discuss your options with you in advance so you can mentally prepare yourself and your child before their appointment.

What to Expect

Even if your child doesn’t require sedation, our pediatric dentist in Great Neck, NY, goes to great lengths to ensure a calm and relaxed experience. Some of the approaches that we utilize to guarantee an easy session for your child include positive reinforcement, protective stabilization, distraction, and non-verbal cues. We may also encourage parental presence or absence during treatment, depending on the dentist’s judgment of the situation.

If your child requires sedation, there are various ways to do it. Top on the list is laughing gas sedation. This mild form of sedation involves inhaling a mixture of gases through a small breathing mask. Laughing gas facilitates relaxation, and your child will be awake and able to respond to the dentist’s commands at all times.

Oral sedation dentistry for kids is yet another option reserved for anxious patients. To achieve oral sedation, the dentist prescribes a pill that your child should take an hour or so before their appointment. Your child may feel drowsy but will be mostly awake and able to respond to the dentist’s instructions.

In rare cases, children may require deep sedation or general anesthesia to undergo dental procedures. Our kids’ dentist may recommend deep sedation for extensive restorative dentistry procedures.

Don’t allow dental anxiety to stop your child from receiving outstanding dental services. Reach out to Great Neck Dental Associates and Kid Island Dental today to learn more about sedation dentistry for kids in Great Neck, NY.

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