Keep everyone in the family smiling with high-quality dental care.

Enroll in our V.I.P. Savings Plan to save hundreds on dental work!

How To Sign Up?

It’s so easy to start saving today! At your next appointment, ask one of our team members for an application.

Even if you don’t need any other dental work right now, you will SAVE BIG on your regular cleanings and check-ups by enrolling in our SAVINGS plan!

Join today as a new patient and receive your initial exam, x-rays, and adult prophylaxis FREE OF CHARGE (periodontal treatment and maintenance not included). That’s an IMMEDIATE VALUE of $512!!

What Do You Get?

  • 2 cleanings per year
  • 2 periodic exams per year
  • 1 problem-focused exam per year
  • 4 bitewing x-ray films per year
  • 3 periapical x-ray films per year
  • 1 full mouth x-ray once every 3-5 years 2 fluoride treatments per year (up to age 16; over 16 20% off)

Important Things To Know

  • This is NOT dental insurance and will only be honored at Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates.
  • This plan CANNOT be used in conjunction with any type of insurance coverage, other discounts, specials, or third party financing.
  • Anesthesiologist fees are not included.
  • Premiums must be paid in full with cash, check, or credit card ONLY.
  • You can choose our automatic renewal feature and save 5% on your premiums.
  • You are free to cancel the plan at any time, but there are NO REFUNDS of any kind.
  • This plan is NON-TRANSFERABLE
  • There are no MAXIMUMS or DEDUCTIBLES.

V.I.P. Savings Plan Details


Single $549
Dual* $1,100
Family (3)* $1,600
Family (4)* $1,950
Each Additional* $500

*Parent/Child or Spouses Only


Sealants 10%
Fillings 10%
Periodontics 10%
Additional Cleanings 10%
Whitening 10%
Night Guards 10%
Porcelain Veneers 10%
Oral Surgery 10%
Root Canals 10%
Crown & Bridge Services 10%
Partials/ Dentures 10%
Implant Services 5%
Traditional Braces 5%
Invisalign 5%
Products 10%

Regardless of your age, employment, or dental needs, you and your family are invited to join the Great Neck Dental Associates In-Office Savings Plan TODAY.

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