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Periodontal disease can be detrimental to your health. Neglecting your gums and other soft tissues in the mouth can lead to a wide variety of conditions, including but not limited to loose teeth, receding gums, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. If gum disease progresses too far, then your dentist may recommend surgical or non-surgical techniques to fix the root of the problem.

Scaling and root planing is one of the most effective ways to treat gum and soft-tissue disease before it progresses too far. Scaling and root planing involves cleaning your teeth beneath the visible gum line to remove hidden and trapped bacteria that contribute to gum disease.

We here at Great Neck Dental Associates offer scaling and root planing in Great Neck, NY. Our highly trained team of experts have decades of experience administering routine and specialized dental care, including teeth cleanings, fillings, scaling, and root planing. We are the perfect dentist near you to give the dental care you deserve.

How Does Scaling and Root Planing Work?

Gum disease results from bacteria that gets trapped under the gum line and hardens into plaque. This is bacteria that your toothbrush cannot reach and so must be removed by a professional.

First, the dentist cleans all exterior plaque from your tooth to prepare it for the next step. They will then perform a deep clean of your teeth in the pockets under the gumline, near the root of the tooth. They will also polish and clean the root of the tooth to prevent further plaque accumulation in the future. Scaling and planing your teeth in this manner prevents bacterial growth in the future and restores your gums to a healthier state.

After your treatment, your teeth and gums will likely be sensitive to brushing and flossing. These side effects should go away in time as your teeth restore themselves. Scaling and root planing is an effective way of treating gum disease and removing plaque from teeth.

So, if you are looking for scaling and root planing services in Great Neck, NY, then give us a call today at Great Neck Dental Associates.

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