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Tongue-tie, which is medically referred to as ankyloglossia, is a congenital condition where the tongue is tied to the floor of the mouth by an atypically short lingual frenulum. The lingual frenulum is a fold of tissue that’s located under the tongue. Under normal circumstances, the lingual frenulum separates before birth, allowing the tongue to move freely. If the frenulum fails to separate, the result is ankyloglossia.

Ankyloglossia affects approximately 10 percent of babies and is more prevalent in boys. Sometimes, tongue-tie may pose significant challenges to the well-being and development of a child. In that case, there is usually a need to resolve this condition through tongue-tie surgery.

Great Neck Dental Associates is a leading, child-friendly dental office that provides tongue-tie functional release surgery in Great Neck, NY.

Challenges Associated with Tongue-Tie

In some babies, tongue-tie doesn’t seem to be much of a bother. However, in other babies, tongue-tie can pose significant problems, especially during breastfeeding. Typically, a tongue-tie is diagnosed as soon as a baby is born. However, this condition may remain undetected until much later.

Some of the common challenges associated with tongue-tie include:

  • Difficulty attaching to the breast during feeding times
  • Inability to lift the tongue or move it from side to side
  • Inability to stick the tongue out
  • Persistent dribbling
  • Speech problems or inability to enunciate certain sounds
  • Choking or gagging on foods
  • Dental problems, e.g., a gap between the front lower teeth

Types of Tongue-Tie Surgery

Great Neck Dental Associates offers two types of tongue-tie surgery near you—frenotomy and frenuloplasty.
A frenotomy is a quick and painless procedure that involves snipping the lingual frenulum to release it from the floor of the mouth. This procedure may be conducted using a scalpel or laser. There is minimal bleeding or discomfort during a frenotomy owing to the low number of nerve endings and blood vessels in the frenulum. Babies can resume breastfeeding immediately after a frenotomy.

A frenuloplasty is more extensive than a frenotomy and is reserved for cases where the lingual frenulum is too thick for a frenotomy. Our Board Certified Pediatric Dentist in Great Neck, NY, begins by administering general anesthesia to put the baby to sleep. The dentist then uses appropriate surgical tools to free the frenulum and then closes the wound with dissolvable sutures.

Our Board Certified Pediatric Dentist takes time to evaluate your child thoroughly to determine the most appropriate surgery.

What to Expect

At Great Neck Dental Associates, we take great pride in providing exceptional care for all our patients, regardless of age. We know that dental appointments can be terrifying, both for the parents and the kids, and we work hard to guarantee your child’s comfort at all times.

Is your child struggling with tongue-tie? Set them free by opting for tongue-tie surgery in Great Neck, NY. Reach out to Great Neck Dental Associates today to schedule a consultation with our Board Certified Pediatric Dentist near you.

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