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Cancer is a terrifying disease because it can affect anyone. The disease is caused by mutations in the cells that are then replicated, resulting in the growth of more mutated cells. When out of control, the mutations can lead to tumors and start to shut down the body’s regular function.

When someone imagines cancer, they often think of some of the big variations: Cancer in the lungs, breasts, blood, or skin. However, few realize that it can strike inside the mouth, resulting in oral cancer.

The role of dentists like those at Great Neck Dental Associates in Great Neck, NY is to provide comprehensive treatment to protect and promote oral health and wellness. To do so, Great Neck Dental Associates in Great Neck, NY offers regular oral cancer screenings to keep people protected and informed about their health.

What Is an Oral Cancer Screening?

An oral cancer screening is when a dentist checks a patient’s mouth for precancerous or cancerous signs or symptoms. If any are discovered, the patient is referred to further treatment, including biopsies, to determine whether or not the signs are cancer. The goal of the screening is to discover cancer sooner rather than later, leading to rapid treatment and better chances of beating the disease.

Who Is At Risk of Oral Cancer?

Cancer is scary for many because it can strike anyone, including children and those who are otherwise healthy. To this end, all patients are technically at risk and need screenings. However, some people are more at risk than others, either because of their habits or genetic background. The following types of individuals should have screenings twice a year instead of once to promote oral health and wellness:

  • Anyone who uses tobacco products of any kind
  • Anyone who smokes substances of any kind
  • Anyone who drinks alcohol regularly or heavily
  • Anyone who is exposed to the sun often
  • Anyone who has had cancer previously
  • Anyone with a family history of oral cancer

How Often Should a Screening Be Done?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that people receive a screening once a year, or twice a year if they are considered “at risk.” Give one of our offices a call to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible!

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