Low Radiation X-Rays in Great Neck, NY

When you visit a dentist for your routine checkup or toothache, getting an x-ray done is a normal part of the process. As part of our dedicated services to our patients, we, at Great Neck Dental Group, use the latest dental technology for greater precision.

Low Radiation X-Rays for More Accurate Diagnosis

Dental x-rays give off very low levels of radiation and capture areas of the oral cavity that we cannot see during a visual exam. Bones and healthy teeth absorb more radiation than soft tissue, which is how cavities, decay, and other problems are highlighted in an x-ray.

Dental x-rays are essential as they help identify problems that may affect our oral and general health. Moreover, they are associated with low radiation levels, making them safe for patients of all ages.

What You Should Know About Dental X-Ray Radiation

Dental x-rays in Great Neck, NY, are essential diagnostic tools when it comes to dentistry. But are they risky?

The American Dental Association explains some essential facts about dental x-rays:

  • Dental x-rays only emit 2.5% of the radiation levels given off by other medical x-rays.
  • Among the different types of dental x-rays, digital x-rays are associated with even lower radiation levels. They also provide explicit images that can be retrieved at any time.
  • Our team at Great Neck Dental Group takes every precaution, and our patients wear protective bibs over their chest, abdomen, and pelvis to reduce any exposure to radiation.

If you have had a history of cancer or are pregnant, please inform the dentist about your medical history. Your dentist will evaluate the risk levels involved. Overall, dental x-rays near you have very low radiation and are considered to be very safe.

Our dentists in Great Neck, NY, offer a range of preventive dental services, including complete oral exams, oral cancer screening, and screening for decay and cavities.

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