Dr Dallal is great he has been my dentist for approximately 30 years. He is kind, compassionate, and very skilled. I feel very confident to highly recommend it on the practice.

Stuart Bayer

The staff At Great Neck Dental are professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. They make going to the Dentist a pleasant experience!

Pat OToole

Great Neck Dental Associates are professional, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Bita is an amazing hygienist. I always leave there with a smile.

Marilyn Iemmiti

Dr. Josen is just the best, so good with my sons. Patient, funny and so knowledgeable. We’ve been 10 years with him and always leave very happy.

Shamma Murphy

Great Neck Dental provides a most professional and comprehensive dental service. Dr. Dallal in particular is meticulous in his provision of services. Staff are courteous and very obliging to assist in emergencies.

Michael Sturman

Dr Morhaim was terrific! He managed to make the bone graft procedure as comfortable as possible. Marla, his assistant is wonderful, caring & professional. The staff were helpful & considerate.

Irene Kaplan

My name is John, AKA Jack, Fitzgerald, my wife’s name is Susan Fitzgerald and I am a retired NYC Police Officer. The reason I identify my former occupation is simply because it was due  to the very poor dental care I received using our PBA Dental plan that caused me and eventually my wife to leave the PBA discounted plan to seek proper care performed by excellent Dentists…See more

There came a time in 2001 when I realized I needed help with my teeth. Due to my neglect as well as less then proactive care by my PBA Dentist I was in pain… I knew I required serious, quality care performed by a very good dentist… I also knew I would probably need to go outside the PBA plan.

I was aware of your office in the Medical Building at 400 South Oyster Bay Road in Hicksville so how about I start there.

I found your office and walked in. I was greeted by a receptionist named Carol who asked if I had an appointment. No, but I need to speak to a dentist.,,,I was lucky, Dr. Tyrangel was in-between appointments so he took my sorry butt into his examination room and told me to open wide…That was the beginning of a very successful patient-Doctor relationship that has lasted 23 years and now includes my wife Susan.

Getting back to Dr. Tyrangel :

He told me he couldn’t evaluate the extent of my problem without Exrays and then he asked if I wanted to continue with Mid Island Dental. I said yes if he would be my dentist…Before I left their office I was signed up as a new patient.

That was 23 years ago and Mid Island Dental moved and is now Great Neck Dental.. Dr. Tyrangel retired and I miss him but another great dentist,  Dr. Dellal, is now primary Dental Care Giver to me and my wife…Over the many years as a patient at Mid Island Dental I learned they are light years ahead of what most of us consider a competent Dental Practice.

There came a time during my wife’s treatment when Dr. Dellal needed to call upon a  super specialist for some serious surgical dental work…Great Neck has such a specialist. We made an appointment with Dr. Morhaim… We got to know Dr. Morhaim as we listened to him explain exactly what he needed to do to make my wife better.

I was mesmerized as he told us how he would need to cut into her sinus cavity during the procedure. When he completed his detailed description as to what he would do to make Susan better we knew what to expect and there was no doubt we had the best Dental Surgeon performing this operation.

Everything about Great Neck Dental is top shelf…There is one more “Very Important Person” I must add to my list of V.I.P.s: Her name is Nicole….When we are ready to check-out and settle up we receive a very detailed description of services rendered.  When we have questions Nicole either has the answer of gets the answer from the doctor. Nicole is in charge of her zone of influence

Every occupation has their best and their worst. My wife and I met a dentist that had to be on the low end of his class in Dentist school. Then I found the dentists who we rate “Outstanding” due to the results of their work.

I have taken time to write this review as my way of saying thank you to whoever is responsible for putting together such a fine dental practice. On my word of Honer every word is true.

John and Susan Fitzgerald

I highly recommend Great Neck Dental

John and Susan Fitzgerald
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