Prosthodontics in Great Neck and Hicksville, NY

Are you experiencing problems with lost, missing or deficient teeth? Our premium prosthodontic solutions help with diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of missing or deficient teeth.

Our highly skilled dentists also resolve issues related to maxilla facial tissues and temperomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD). Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates provide state-of-the-art cosmetic and restorative treatments, including crowns, implants, dentures, bridges, and much more.

How Our Skillful Prosthodontists Can Help You

Our trained dentists in Great Neck and Hicksville, NY, are the recognized experts when it comes to replacing single or multiple teeth in your oral cavity.

While many dentists are trained to provide these services, prosthodontists provide specialized restorations. Our team is committed to resolving problems related to tooth loss and jaw problems.

Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates treat a wide variety of problems, including cleft palates, sleep apnea, and snoring disorders. For more information regarding our specialized range of prosthodontic treatments, please contact one of our dentists near you.

Prosthodontic Treatments in Great Neck and Hicksville, NY

We offer several prosthodontic treatment options designed to resolve a range of dental problems:

Tooth or Full Mouth Reconstruction

We treat missing or damaged teeth due to decay, trauma, or aging. We have the expertise and know-how to replace one or all the teeth and gums in your mouth and provide a full mouth reconstruction.

A prosthodontist is experienced in using bonding agents to change the appearance and look of misshapen teeth and fill gaps.

Implants, Bridges and Dentures

We provide a comprehensive range of modern restorations, including dentures, bridges, and implants. Implants are surgically inserted into the gums, while bridges and dentures are non-surgical restorations.

Please feel free to contact the Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates team to determine the most suitable solutions for your needs.

TMJ/TMD Disorder

TMJ/TMD disorders can be extremely painful and are caused by inflamed jaw nerves. The prosthodontist may recommend pain medication, physical therapy, or bite guards to resolve the problem.

Our dental team offers reliable and effective prosthodontic treatment in Great Neck and Hicksville, NY.

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