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Despite advances in dental technology and treatments, tooth decay and cavities remain a problem for thousands of American children and adults. Our team at Great Neck Dental Associates strongly suggests getting cavities treated early. If ignored, decay can lead to abscesses and missing teeth.

We offer a range of restorative treatments, including crowns, implants, bridges, veneers, and tooth-colored fillings in Great Neck, NY. Please contact our dentists near you for more information regarding our safe and effective dental services.

How Tooth Fillings Help

The cavity left behind on the tooth still contains the bacteria that created the hole. Fillings are often used to seal off space in a cavity to prevent the spread of the bacteria to other teeth and gums. The dentist will clean, rinse, and dry the tooth and drill away the decayed material.

Doing this helps prevent the bacteria from spreading but leaves the tooth vulnerable to further damage. This is where fillings come in handy. Dentists may use ceramic, metallic, glass ionomers, or composite fillings to fill the cavity depending on the location and nature of the damage. Tooth-colored fillings are an attractive option as they closely match the color of your natural teeth.

Our dentists in Great Neck, NY, offer an extensive choice in fillings, and our team will explain the benefits and features of every option.

Inserting Tooth-Colored Composite Resin Filling

The process begins with numbing the local area around the tooth, including the gum and jawbone. We will apply a small amount of numbing gel and gently inject the gums with an oral anesthetic. Once the area is de-sensitized, the dentist will drill away the decayed material.

The dentists at Great Neck Dental Associates will insert the tooth-colored filling in the form of a paste that molds itself to the cavity. Then he or she will pout composite resin in layers and then cure with a special UV light. As tooth-colored fillings replicate a natural tooth color, they appear the most aesthetic.

For further assistance, please contact our trained dental team for tooth-fillings near you.

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