Snore Guard in Great Neck, NY

Snoring is a common issue, and getting a custom snore guard in Great Neck, NY, can improve your quality of sleep. At Great Neck Dental Associates, we have the tools, training, and experience to create a custom-made snore guard for our patients.

Getting a snore guard near you at the dentist’s office is highly recommended as opposed to getting a mouth guard from a store. Finding a dentist in Great Neck should be your priority. At Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates in Great Neck, NY, we prioritize patient comfort and work to provide our patients with snore guards that don’t affect their sleep.

Why Do People Snore?

Snoring is a sound that results from the vibration of the tongue, throat, or airways as we exhale. When we sleep, the airways can become narrow as the tongue relaxes. Patients are more likely to snore if they sleep on their backs, smoke, are overweight, and drink too much alcohol.

When dealing with snoring, it’s important to rule out sleep apnea. If a patient doesn’t have sleep apnea and snoring is their only problem, we can provide them with a snore guard.

Snore Guards

Snore guards have several mechanisms of action. Wearing a snore guard will keep the jaw from falling backward in patients who have receding jaws. It will also keep the soft palate and tongue in place, so they don’t obstruct the airway or vibrate.

One of the main concerns patients have about snore guards is that they worry about their quality of sleep. This is a legitimate and understandable concern. Rest assured that snore guards made at the dentist’s office are designed according to the measurements of your teeth and mouth. It should fit perfectly to keep you from snoring without getting in the way of your sleep.

Custom-made snore guards made at the dentist’s office will also have a slim design and last much longer than generic ones. The quality of the materials used is higher and will contribute to durability. Give us a call, and we will be happy to answer any question you many have!

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