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Are you interested in getting a sports guard in Great Neck, NY? At Great Neck Dental Associates, we set up patients with sports guards every week. Some people think they should only invest in sports guards if they’re playing professional sports at the top level. This is a misconception. Whether you’re playing in a high school team or with your friends at the gym, you should try to get a sports guard near you. Finding a dentist in Great Neck, NY, that can set you up with a sports guard is essential. Sports guards are recommended for those playing contact sports and sports that have a high risk of falls.

Store-Bought Sports Guards

Instead of looking for a dentist near you to get sports guards, you might be tempted to get one at a store or online. You’ll find two types of sports guards when shopping online: regular and Boil and bite. Regular sports guards come in fixed sizes. You’ll need to choose the size closest to the size of your mouth.

Boil and bite sports guards also come in sizes, but they can be adjusted. Placing them in boiling water will soften them. You should then wait for them to cool down and put them in your mouth and bite. Since it’s been softened, the mouth guard will take the shape of your teeth.

Sports Guards at the Dentist

At Great Neck Dental Associates in Great Neck, we recommend custom-made sports guards for multiple reasons. Sports guards should be effective at protecting our teeth. A sports guard that doesn’t fit properly won’t give you the best protection and might be harmful.

Another benefit of custom sports guards is that they won’t get in the way of your breathing. The last thing you need while playing sports is a mouth guard that makes breathing more difficult. Additionally, a custom mouth guard will be more comfortable because it’s made based on the measurements of your mouth. Give us a call today if you need a custom made sports guard!

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