General Dentistry in Great Neck, NY

General Dentistry in Great Neck, NY

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When was your last dental appointment? If you cannot remember, or only tend to schedule dental visits when you need an extraction, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Your oral health correlates to your general health and well-being. If your oral health is failing, then you’re at a higher risk for chronic conditions and diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Do yourself a favor right now. If you’re way overdue for a dental appointment, call Great Neck Dental Associates today and ask for the next available slot with one of our dentists in Great Neck, NY. Even if you think that your oral health is okay, there’s probably something that you’re missing. Our General dentist near you can quickly identify a dental problem in it’s early stages and provide timely intervention.

Getting the right dental help at the right time spares you the agony of undergoing extensive and complicated dental procedures later on. It also saves you money since preventive care is usually more affordable than restorative treatments.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Great Neck Dental Associates are conveniently-located and welcoming dental practices that offer general dentistry in Great Neck. Our dental team is highly professional and vastly experienced in a wide range of dental procedures. Some of the general dentistry procedures available at our dental offices include:

The course and outcome of your particular appointment depend on the state of your oral health. However, we strive to ensure that all patients visiting our dental offices feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable at all times.

When Should You Visit a Dentist?

If you wait until you need dental treatment, then you have waited too long. You shouldn’t let a toothache tell you that it’s time to see a dentist in Great Neck. Instead, you should come in for regular appointments so we can check to see whether you’re in perfect dental health.

You should book your dental exams and cleanings twice every year, or once every six months.

Depending on your unique circumstances, our dentist may recommend more frequent exams. Oral cancer screenings are included in your biannual dental exams.

Contact Great Neck Dental Associates today if you’re actively looking for a dental office near you that provides top-notch services in general dentistry near you.

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