Microscope-Assisted Endodontics in Great Neck and Hicksville, NY

Patients have the right to seek the most advanced dental procedures like microscope-assisted endodontics in Great Neck and Hicksville, NY. Endodontics, or root canals, is a common dental procedure. We perform it regularly at Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates in Great Neck and Hicksville, NY.

We’re proud to provide microscope-assisted endodontics near you. As dentists in Great Neck and Hicksville, we want the people of our city to have access to the latest in the world of dentistry. If a new procedure or tool can help us provide our patients with better dental outcomes, we’ll be sure to provide it.

Root Canal Infections

The root canal is the core of the tooth. It’s the part that contains blood vessels and nerves along with other tissues. Unfortunately, root canals can become infected. When they do, most patients complain of increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. Dental pain is another common complaint.

These symptoms will fade on their own if left untreated, but this isn’t a good thing. It often means that the nerve supplying the affected tooth has become severely damaged and can no longer emit pain signals. Prompt treatment before this happens is recommended.


Endodontics is a procedure where we clean and treat root canal infections. To access the root canal, we’ll need to incise the gums after injecting local anesthesia to numb the area. The root canal is then cleaned, and all infected tissues are removed. Saline can be used to irrigate the root canal.

Thanks to microscope-assisted endodontics, treatment can be more effective and less traumatic. By using a microscope, we can create smaller and more accurate incisions. This means fewer traumas to the gums and faster recoveries.

After root canal treatments, most patients need dental crowns. Patients who need endodontics will need to see us for two to three visits. Everything will be explained to you in advance, and all procedures will be performed under adequate anesthesia and sedation.

If you have any questions regarding microscope-assisted endodontics, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

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