What are the Benefits of Full Mouth Restoration?

What are the Benefits of Full Mouth Restoration?

Mar 28, 2022

Oral imperfections such as gum disease, tooth decay, teeth misalignments, missing teeth, and stained teeth can affect your bite function, appearance, and health. Thanks to full-mouth restoration, you no longer have to live with discomfort or an insecure smile. Generally, a full-mouth restoration or reconstruction or rehabilitation uses a combination of cosmetic and restorative treatments to enhance a patient’s oral appearance, function, and health.

Eligibility for Full Mouth Restoration

To know whether you are a good candidate or not for full-mouth restoration, you would first need to visit your dentist so they can perform a full mouth reconstruction exam. Since most individuals with multiple oral imperfections can benefit from the treatment, most patients for full mouth restoration suffer from:

  • Teeth loss, chips, breaks, and cracks from oral accidents or trauma
  • Enamel erosion that causes worn teeth
  • Congenital conditions that cause misshapen, missing, and deformed teeth
  • Malocclusion or jaw misalignments cause tension headaches, muscle pain, and recurrent jaw pain.
  • Infections that cause gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss

Procedures in Full Mouth Restoration

The specific treatments the dentist will use to correct your imperfections will depend on your specific condition and needs. Common dental treatments used in full mouth reconstruction include:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign
  • Root scaling and planing and periodontal surgery for gum disease
  • Extraction of severely decayed or damaged tooth
  • Dental crowns, fillings, and veneers for cavities and tooth damage
  • Full mouth dental implants, dentures, and bridges for replacing missing teeth
  • TMJ treatments
  • Corrective jaw surgery
  • Teeth whitening

Benefits of full-mouth restoration

Most full mouth reconstruction patients enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved bite function 

Having decayed, damaged, or missing teeth can impair your bite function, causing difficulty and discomfort when chewing, affecting your eating habits. Lack of nutrients can affect your overall well-being. A full mouth reconstruction repairs dental damage and replaces missing teeth, restoring your bite function. You’ll be able to eat loads of nutritious foods normally, without pain and difficulty.

  • Improved oral health 

Cracked, crooked, or overcrowded teeth can be hard to floss and brush when food particles get trapped between the teeth, plaque, tartar, and bacteria build up. It leads to cavities, decay, oral infections, and gum disease. With a full-mouth restoration, you’ll have straighter and healthier teeth, dramatically reducing the risk of plaque and oral infections that cause decay and tooth loss.

  • Improved general health 

Research suggests that your general health and oral health are closely connected. Unhealthy mouths can lead to general conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and weakened immune systems. Treating oral issues such as infections and periodontal disease with a full mouth reconstruction can get your general health back on track.

  • Improved appearance 

A beautiful smile is necessary to maintain your self-esteem and social life. When you have oral issues such as teeth overcrowding, staining, and misalignments, you might feel less attractive and be afraid to show your smile. Full mouth reconstruction can whiten stained teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and fix overcrowded teeth, giving you an attractive smile.

  • Better oral structure

Full mouth reconstruction treatments restore the health of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. A full set of teeth, healthier gums, and a properly aligned bone structure are essential to supporting oral functions and maintaining excellent health.

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence 

A beautiful smile will positively impact how you feel about yourself. Correcting oral imperfections through a full-mouth restoration gives your self-esteem and confidence a huge boost. You’ll also notice dramatic changes in how you chew and speak, and your face will look younger and brighter.

  • Improved quality of life and career 

A beautiful smile, good oral health, and good self-esteem can significantly improve your quality of life and career. You’ll be able to relate better with others, which will show positive results in your general and career life.

Final Verdict

A full mouth reconstruction improves your oral health, appearance, and function. For more information about full mouth restoration treatments, contact Great Neck Dental Associates.

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