Get Your Teeth as White as Winter’s Snow

There’s nothing more pristine and white than fresh winter snow. But it doesn’t take much, and before you know it, the snow looks dingy and dirty. The same can be said for your teeth! But don’t worry, the friendly team at our Long Island dental offices is ready to help take your smile from drab to dazzling quicker than you can say blizzard. In the meantime, try these tips to help keep your smile bright

Kissing Under the Mistletoe – Prepare to Pucker Up

‘Tis the season for festive festivities and reminiscing with family and friends. Whether you’re standing under the mistletoe or possibly planting a smooch on a loved one’s lips, our dental offices in Long Island wants to help ensure your kiss is fresh and clean this holiday season.

Alcohol Use and Oral Health

Nearly a quarter of all U.S. adults 18 and older have engaged in one or more nights of excessive drinking this past year. Excessive drinking is defined as five or more drinks for men, and four or more drinks for women. While some may only see this as a concern for your overall health, at our Long Island dental offices, we’d like to explain how it can also be detrimental to your oral health.

Stop Stressing, Protect your Mouth

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaches, we’re faced with the stress of going here and there, buying presents, cooking food, visiting family, and the seemingly never-ending whirlwind that happens every year around this time. While we all know stress isn’t good for overall health, our dental practices in Long Island want to let you know how it can also affect your mouth.

Chew Gum for Better Dental Health

Oct2 gumBy now, you have probably heard about Xylitol gum, but you aren't sure why it is such a big deal. Isn't it just another artificial sweetener? Not at all! While Xylitol looks and tastes much like sugar, it will not raise blood sugar levels the way sugar does. And since it’s found in many fruits and vegetables, Xylitol is considered natural. You even produce a little of it in your metabolism process!

But here is where the team at our dental offices in Long Island gets really excited about Xylitol: Xylitol has powerful benefits for your oral health!

Chewing a piece of Xylitol gum instead of choosing sugary snacks can:

  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Starve bacteria
  • Prevent oral inflammation
  • Reduce your risk for gum disease

It's true! How does it work? Well, one of the most common causes of oral health problems is a bacteria called Streptococcus mutans -- the bacteria mostly responsible for plaque. Sugar and other carbohydrates feed this bacteria. Or, in other words, this bacteria ingests the sugar we eat. It also ingests the Xylitol, but instead of being nourished by it, they are starved and die. Yep, you got it -- oral bacteria levels drop, sometimes by up to 75%!

And that's not all.

  • Chewing Xylitol gum increases saliva production which protects your teeth and remineralizes them with naturally occurring calcium and phosphate.
  • Acidity in your mouth can lead to enamel erosion. Xylitol in gum or mints can reduce the acidity of your saliva.
  • Xylitol can help your body better absorb calcium which we all know can strengthen your teeth.

To learn more about how chewing Xylitol can benefit your oral health, or for suggestions about which Xylitol products to choose give our Long Island dental offices a call.

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Alternative Uses for Dental Floss

Oct - floss hackDental floss. If you’re a patient at our Long Island dental practices, we know for sure that you have it in your medicine cabinet for use during routine, at-home dental hygiene. But did you know that it might be a good idea to keep some rolls in other rooms of the house as well? You might even want to keep it in your glove compartment! Why? Because floss has to be strong and flexible enough to fit in between your teeth without breaking, and it’s strong and flexible enough to perform all kinds of other tasks that string or thread might not be capable of handling.

Of course we have our own favorite uses for dental floss, but we have also scoured the internet for creative and handy tips for even more uses. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Protect your walls: Use it instead of wire to hang pictures. Dental floss will not scratch or scrape paint the way wire does.
  • Support delicate plants: Floss is strong and slightly stretchy, making it the ideal way to tie your plants and vines to a supportive wooden dowel.
  • Use it as an emergency shoelace: Again because of its flexibility and strength, dental floss can handily replace a broken shoelace
  • Reattach a button: Another great emergency use of floss when no thread is available.
  • Make a camping clothesline: It’s actually strong enough to hold several bathing suits and t-shirts!
  • Lift cookies from a tray: Many spatulas are too thick to get under a stuck cookie without crumbing it. Dental floss is thin and flexible and easily slides under cookie to loosen them. Try lifting a whole row!

We'd love to hear other uses you might have for this amazing string. Tell us at your next appointment! Speaking of which: Is it time to schedule a hygiene appointment at our dental practices in Long Island? You know we'll supply you with a new roll of handy floss!

Welcoming patients from Long Island, Great Neck, and Hicksville.

Oral Surgery Made Easy

oral surgeryNo one likes the idea of having oral surgery. We get it! No matter how much we geek out over dentistry, no matter how fascinated we are by every procedure, no matter how much advanced training we get, we really don’t want to experience oral surgery ourselves! But we can assure you of one thing: If we HAD to have oral surgery, we would want to have it done right here by one of our experienced colleagues. Comfort and Compassion

Not only is everyone here just as passionate about dentistry as we are, our approach to oral surgery is always gentle, compassionate, and individualized. Whether you need to have a tooth removed because of advanced decay or damage, your wisdom teeth are impacted, or you need gum surgery, you can be sure that no one will ever judge you or increase your anxiety. Instead, our entire team will work together to put you at ease, let you know what is happening at every step, and make sure the experience is as pain-free as possible.

Our Surgical Options

Whatever you need, we have it right here in the comfortable office you are familiar with by a comforting staff you know and trust. There is no need for referrals to another office.

  • Dental implants
  • Wisdom Tooth and other extractions
  • Oral lesion care
  • Oral cancer diagnosis
  • Frenectomy
  • Bone grafting
  • Sinus lift
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Pinhole gum surgery

And much more.


Of course we have a variety of sedation options including, IV sedation, to ease you through any necessary oral surgery. Patients tell us they ever felt a moment of pain or discomfort because we tailor our sedation methods to meet each individual need.

We also offer painless anesthetic for even more comfort. Our computer controlled anesthetic delivery system offers one of the slowest, steadiest, most comfortable injections a patient can experience. If you need any type of oral surgery, please come talk to us. We are here to help you get healthy, strong, and smiling again.

Some things just shouldn’t be crooked… and that includes your smile!

Sept4FlossGetting a straight smile might seem like a luxury. Honestly, who has the time or energy to spend time in braces?  It is something most people, especially adults just don’t want to deal with. The problem is, crooked, crowded, or poorly balanced teeth can affect much more than your smile – they can also affect your overall health and wellbeing. Crowded teeth are harder to clean, and flossing can be a real challenge. All those dirty nooks and crannies can lead to severe oral health issues.

In fact, crooked teeth can:

  • decay more easily because of hard to reach plaque build-up
  • cause chewing, speaking and breathing issues
  • contribute to gum disease
  • advance deterioration of the jawbone
  • lead to headaches and other TMJ disorder problems

And that is nothing to make light of! Straightening your smile is clearly more than cosmetic, it’s good for your health too. That makes the idea of straightening your smile just a little bit more compelling, doesn’t it?

We thought so.

Because orthodontic issues are linked to your health, we recommend that kids have an evaluation for braces early, before their jaws stop growing for maximum orthodontic effectiveness. We offer both traditional orthodontics and less visible options to help adults find their healthiest smile, such as:

  • Invisalign
  • 3M Incognito Braces
  • Radiance Clear Braces
  • Ceramic Braces

As a bonus, your smile gets to look terrific too!

For more information about our orthodontic solutions for both children and adults, please give us a call today. We’d love to help your find your perfect smile!

I’d Rather Have a Root Canal

root canal“I’d rather have a root canal than be stuck in traffic.” “Liver for breakfast? I’d rather have a root canal!” “Wow. That board meeting was just about as fun as a root canal.” We have heard all the jokes, and we don’t like them! Not because we don’t have a sense of humor –  you all know we can take a joke – but because they are so wrong!

The truth is, in spite of its bad reputation, a root canal could be your tooth’s best friend. That’s right!

If your tooth is badly damaged, decayed, or infected, a root canal could let you keep that tooth instead of having it pulled.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

The most common reason for a root canal is a tooth infection. Untreated, dental infections can worsen and spread into the bone at the end of the root. This infection is called an abscess, and can lead to severe health issues like skin infections such as cellulitis, infection in the jawbone, brain abscess, and pneumonia from the spread of the infection throughout the body.

Yea. We aren’t trying to scare you, but this stuff is pretty serious.

If you have any of the following symptoms, don’t delay, call us right away:

  • Continuous toothache
  • Jaw pain
  • Bad breath
  • Pain when chewing
  • Swollen glands
  • Swelling in the jaw
  • Fever

We start by offering sedation dentistry to anyone who is at all nervous or has trouble getting numb, and proceed with all the pampering extras patients have come to expect from our office.

What is a Root Canal?

Patients often ask why the procedure is called a root canal. While the name is intimidating, it is actually pretty simple and descriptive.

Inside your tooth is a network of blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves. This is all contained in what is commonly known as the pulp. This pulp is under the hard surface of your tooth and extends all the way into your tooth’s roots – in other words, the root canal.  When there is infection in this canal it causes severe pain, so maybe that’s where the bad reputation comes from: Infection in the root canal, not the root canal procedure!

To end the pain, save your tooth, and keep you healthy, we remove the dental pulp, along with any debris and infection, and seal your tooth with a porcelain dental crown. Our patients are absolutely amazed at the relief they find.

Now, stop making root canal jokes. If you get a toothache, you are going to thank us for this information. Want more? Give us a call. We are always happy to educate and inform.

root canal diagram