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Regain Your Smile’s Foundation

Bone Grafting Rebuilds Jawbone Mass

In order to stay healthy, your jawbone needs healthy teeth anchored in it. Unchecked tooth decay can result in tooth loss, which brings with it eating and speaking difficulties, embarrassment, and low self-esteem. What’s more, it can lead to deterioration in your jawbone, the supporting structure for other teeth that can also be compromised. Without your full, healthy jawbone mass your face takes on a sunken, prematurely aged appearance. At Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates our team can restore your jawbone and provide high-quality, long-lasting dental implants that replace your lost teeth and keep your jaws healthy. Our multidisciplinary practice includes specialists like our oral surgeons and periodontists, as well as general dentists who’ve had extensive training in dental implants and all related procedures, including bone grafting. With this innovative treatment, we take a small portion of bone from your body, from a donor or from an artificial source, and place it where you’ve lost bone. This graft will eventually fuse with the existing bone and become a permanent, seamless part of your body, reconstituting a healthy jawbone.

What Does Bone Grafting Do for You?

  • Rebuilds your healthy jawbone mass
  • Stabilizes your adjoining teeth
  • Restores your natural jawline
  • Balances your facial appearance
  • Enables your jaws to support dental implants
  • Gives you a more youthful look no matter your age
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Specialized Bone Grafting Treatment

Bone deterioration in the upper jaw can have additional complications that lower jawbone loss doesn’t. When the upper jawbone decays, your sinus can collapse with it. With a sinus lift, our team carefully lifts the floor of your sinus cavity and places bone grafting material underneath to strengthen and rebuild it. As part of bone grafting treatment, we may also perform a ridge augmentation after a tooth extraction to reshape the bone to its natural appearance, structure, and esthetics. In some instances, we combine guided tissue regeneration with bone grafting to accelerate healing and promote new tissue growth. Guided tissue regeneration protects bone grafting sites with a biocompatible mesh that speeds up recovery. All of these treatments can make you a candidate for life-changing dental implants. The technology, the techniques, and trusted experts that can help you eat, speak, and smile comfortably again are all here in one convenient practice. Consider us your home for comprehensive dental implant care.

Get your full, healthy jawbone back!

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