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Reverse Receding Gums

Gum Grafting Restores Your Smile

Receding gums create an uneven, unbalanced smile, where some teeth appear longer than others. Esthetic issues are typically just the beginning of far worse consequences, however. In the short term, gum recession can increase the sensitivity of your teeth, making it difficult to enjoy some of your usual food and beverage choices. Not too long after that, tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, loose teeth, and even tooth loss can occur, leaving you without the esthetics and the normal functioning of your teeth. There are multiple causes of gum recession; though some of them are out of our hands—aging and heredity—most can be prevented or treated. Prevention means good dental hygiene habits, regular checkups, and professional cleanings. If treatment becomes necessary, count on the Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates team. With an acclaimed periodontist—specially trained to treat gum issues—as well as other specialists and general dentists on staff, we’re the ideal practice to restore your gums. Through a process called gum grafting, we can replace your lost gum tissue with healthy new tissue.

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What Is Gum Grafting?

Though you may have lost the volume and shape of your gums, they’re not gone for good. With gum grafting, you’ll first be anesthetized so you can remain calm and comfortable throughout the procedure. We’ll then take a small piece of healthy tissue, typically from the roof of your mouth, from an area of your gums where you have excess tissue, or from a donor source, and attach it to the gums surrounding the recessed areas. The grafted tissue will eventually fuse with the existing tissue, restoring your gumline, giving you back the natural barrier that protects your teeth, and returning your tooth sensitivity to a normal level. Your teeth will be more stable, and you’ll also regain a better tooth-to-gum ratio that will make you smile more confidently than ever. In fact, you’ll look like you never had gum recession to begin with!

Preventable and Treatable Causes of Gum Recession

  • Gum disease
  • Aggressive brushing
  • Stiff-bristled toothbrushes
  • Tooth misalignment
  • Teeth grinding
  • Tobacco use
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Reclaim a balanced, becoming smile!

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