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Dentures That Don’t Slip

Implant Supported Dentures Stay Put

Traditional dentures are without question a time-tested teeth replacement option. With them, generations of people have been able to live without gaps in their smile and with the ability to eat a more varied diet. While acceptable in these areas, they remain unreliable in terms of a firm fit that will keep them in place while enjoying your favorite foods or just talking with friends or loved ones. The truth is, adhesives that keep dentures literally glued in your mouth aren’t always dependable. Implant supported denture wearers don’t face this problem. Fixed to your jaw with ultra-strong titanium dental implant posts that can last a lifetime, implant supported dentures pair the security of dental implants with a cost-effective technique. At Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates, we have multiple general dentists, a prosthodontist, and a team of other dental specialists to serve you. Empowered by experience reaching back more than four decades, we have expertise with both dentures and dental implants that’s without equal. What’s more, our cutting-edge technology ensures precise implant placement for problem-free performance!

Must-Have Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

  • Eat, talk, laugh, and smile without worry
  • Throw away adhesives for good
  • Replace missing teeth with a reliable substitute
  • Protect your jaw
  • Enjoy a comfortable custom fit
implant supported denture Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates
  • Dentures that stick without sticky adhesive!

Expect Comprehensive Care

As a multidisciplinary dental practice, we can provide comprehensive dental implant care in-house. Before receiving implant supported dentures, you may first need some other procedures to prepare your mouth. For example, you may have some remaining decayed teeth that must be removed to make room. If so, we can usually perform tooth extractions during the same appointment. If you’ve suffered bone loss in your jaw, your jawbone mass will need to be reestablished before it can support implants. When this is the case, we can rebuild the bone with bone grafting. Throughout these and other procedures, our team can keep you relaxed and pain-free. We offer several sedation options, including general anesthesia, IV sedation, nitrous oxide, and oral anesthetic. Your doctor will recommend the best choice depending on your treatment plan and pain tolerance. Your comfort is always a top priority, no matter the reason for your visit.

Replace loose dentures with ones that last!

dental implant patient smiling