In-depth Guide to Lumineers: Procedure and Benefits

In-depth Guide to Lumineers: Procedure and Benefits

Oct 01, 2021

Even with good oral care such as flossing and brushing, tooth damage can be unavoidable. Living with a damaged tooth is no fun. A damaged or decayed tooth can affect your smile, confidence and causes significant dental discomfort such as tooth sensitivity. When you suffer from a tooth deformity, identifying the proper procedure for fixing your tooth can be a challenge.

Various techniques of fixing a damaged tooth include bonding, Lumineers, and bridges. Dental Lumineers are among the most suitable remedies for damaged teeth. With Lumineers, you can overcome the challenge of teeth sensitivity. Additionally, dental Lumineers correct tooth damage by covering up the damaged tooth. This significantly reduces sensitivity and allows you to enjoy both cold and hot food pain-free.

What is a Dental Lumineers?

Lumineers are a type of veneer. They are thin shells or coatings that are placed over a tooth to correct deformities. Lumineers provide a lasting cosmetic remedy and protect the tooth from further damage.  Lumineers are made from porcelain, giving them a natural look. The lifespan of Lumineers is approximately twenty years. This means that with Lumineers, you will only require a tooth replacement after a decade or more.

Since Lumineers are very thin, they don’t usually require enamel removal. Lumineers fit onto your tooth perfectly. This makes the Lumineers more efficient for individuals who want to retain their natural teeth.

Who Needs Lumineers?

  • Lumineers are used to address numerous dental issues. These include:
  • Tooth gaps and cracks
  • Teeth misalignment
  • Chipped teeth
  • Teeth misalignment
  • Discolored teeth

If you want to know more about Lumineers please call a dental office near you for examination and advice on the necessary procedure and requirements. A dentist will examine your teeth and guide you on the correct type of treatment to use. If the Lumineers are not appropriate for your case, you will get directed to a different procedure. If you’re looking for Lumineers in Great Neck, NY , contact Great Neck Dental Associates.

Lumineers Dental Procedure

The procedure requires three visits to the Lumineers dental office. First, the patient discusses with the dentist their expectation of the procedure and overall oral health.

On the second visit, the dentist will inspect your teeth for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues before doing the placement.  The process may require the dentist to take an X-ray, after which molds, or impressions of the damaged tooth are taken. The impressions and images are sent to a dental lab for examination and preparation of the Lumineers. The X-ray will help to determine the most appropriate way of fixing the tooth. Lumineers’ creation takes around two to four weeks.

On the last appointment, the dentist tests the Lumineers to ensure a perfect fit. If you’re satisfied with it, the Lumineers is bonded to the tooth. The dentist polishes the Lumineers and uses a beveled feather edge margin to remove excess bonding. After this, you can go home and enjoy your new, brighter, and healthier smile.

Benefits of Lumineers

  • Enhance your smile
  • Repair for a chipped tooth
  • It can be used to straighten teeth
  • Fill gaps and spaces
  • Offer a whiter smile
  • Fix small or misshapen teeth

Pros and cons of Lumineers

Lumineers offer a variety of advantages and some disadvantages:


  • No harsh drilling
  • Does not require sedation
  • Lasts for more than twenty years
  • They are pain-free and have no discomfort during treatment
  • Placement of multiple Lumineers is possible
  • Lumineers resist discoloration and staining
  • Reversible treatment


  • Ill-fitting Lumineers may not perfectly hide the tooth damage
  • Lumineers aren’t as long-lasting as traditional veneers would be
  • Lumineers Removal
  • Lumineers can be removed. The removal does not cause tooth damage, and it can happen at any time. Removing the Lumineers leaves the tooth intact and strong as the structure of the natural tooth isn’t trimmed down during the placing procedure.


Lumineers offer a quick, affordable, and convenient solution. If you’re interested in Lumineers dental treatment, book an appointment today with Great Neck Dental Associates. The dentist will review your condition and guide you accordingly.

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