Scheduling Visits to a Pediatric Dentistry Could Safeguard Your Child’s Dental Health: Here’s How

Scheduling Visits to a Pediatric Dentistry Could Safeguard Your Child’s Dental Health: Here’s How

Jan 01, 2021

Parenthood comes with several highs and lows, making it one of the most exhilarating experiences in life. Most parents will confess that it can, at times, get overwhelming because you continuously have to make vital decisions that will influence your child’s course of life.

As overwhelming as this can get, I know almost every parent would never give this up for anything else. On the contrary, they would want to ensure that their children get to live a full, healthy, and accomplished life.

One way to ensure that your children enjoy their lives is by looking after and prioritizing their health. Several factors can determine the overall health, growth, and development of your child.

One of the fundamental health aspects you need to look into is their dental health. More often than not, children’s dental health tends to get underlooked, and only their medical health aspect is prioritized.

It’s easy to find that parents have a dedicated pediatrician they visit for all of their children’s medical needs, but they do not have a pediatric dentist in Great Neck, NY who takes care of their children’s dental needs.

Having poor dental health can negatively affect the growth and development of any child. And this is why their dental health also needs to be prioritized and carefully tracked as they go through the different stages of their growth and development.

One of the best ways to prioritize your child’s dental health is by ensuring that they regularly visit a pediatric dentist near you for all their dental needs.

Why Should Your Child See a Pediatric Dentist?

Most parents ask themselves why their children cannot see the same general dentist they visit. There is nothing wrong with your child seeing a general dentist; however, you should keep in mind that they might end up referring you to a dentist for kids in case of any pediatric dental complication.

This is because our pediatric dentists are trained, certified, and qualified to address all oral health issues in children. They have undergone an additional two-year residency or training period after finishing four years of dental school.

This supplementary two-year period allows pediatric dentists to get the essential training they need to handle children’s dental needs within all age groups, ranging from infants to teenagers, as well as children with special needs.

This training ensures that they are more prepared to handle pediatric dental issues than a general dentist. Below is a detailed look at the dental services provided at our pediatric dentistry.

List of the Dental Services Available at Our Pediatric Dentistry

Here’s a look at some pediatric dental services available at our dental office:

  • Preventive dental care services may include the application of dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and thorough dental cleaning to ensure their teeth are plaque-free
  • Thorough dental examinations to allow our pediatric dentist to assess the probability of your child suffering from any dental health issue in the future, such as cavities or tooth decay
  • Providing pediatric emergency dental care services that may include dealing with broken teeth or knocked-out teeth and lacerations on the mouth
  • Assessing your child for any orthodontic or malocclusion problems, such as impacted teeth or overbites, and coming up with an early treatment plan for these issues
  • Offering parents nutritional tips and advice on how to feed their children daily to ensure their dental health develops properly
  • Assessing for dental cavities or any current tooth decay and treating these issues
  • Identifying and treating any periodontal diseases or gum related issues
  • Conducting habit counseling sessions for children who are having a hard time relinquishing their pacifiers or are still sucking their thumbs. These are some of the habits that negatively affect the emergence, development, alignment, and future spacing of their teeth
  • Singling out and treating any dental issues or conditions that can be attributed to other presiding health complications such as diabetes, HIV, congenital heart problems, or asthma
  • Teaching children proper dental hygiene, for instance, how to brush their teeth properly and how long each brushing session should last

Visiting our pediatric dentistry could be a fundamental step towards improving and safeguarding your child’s dental health future. Your child’s dental health is in excellent and capable hands.

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